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Cut world population and redistribute resources, expert urges

April 30, 2012

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By John Vidal

The world’s most renowned population analyst has called for a massive reduction in the number of humans and for natural resources to be redistributed from the rich to the poor.

Paul Ehrlich, Bing professor of population studies at Stanford University in California and author of the best-selling Population Bomb book in 1968, goes much further than the Royal Society in London which this morning said that physical numbers were as important as the amount of natural resources consumed.

The optimum population of Earth – enough to guarantee the minimal physical ingredients of a decent life to everyone – was 1.5 to 2 billion people rather than the 7 billion who are alive today or the 9 billion expected in 2050, said Ehrlich in an interview with the Guardian.

“How many you support depends on lifestyles. We came up with 1.5 to 2 billion because you can have big active cities and wilderness. If you want a battery chicken world where everyone has minimum space and food and everyone is kept just about alive you might be able to support in the long term about 4 or 5 billion people. But you already have 7 billion. So we have to humanely and as  rapidly as possible move to population shrinkage.”

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    May 2, 2012 3:20 am

    I have been saying this for YEARS. There are simply Too Many People on the Planet, too many are drawing from the well now and everyone is trying to achieve the same standard of living that we have had in the west for the last 60 years. We are in trouble. People are going hungry because of overbreeding. We need to put a Worldwide moratorium on childbirth for a generation and let half of us die off before we can start procreating again. This is why I say again and again. Humanity thinks it is smart but cannot do the simple arithmetic. Humanity seems to think that we will come up with a magic solution. As the World becomes Hotter & Drier and there is less arable land…well, just do the math. The Chinese are buying up parts of Countries with arable land ( Africa ) because they already have the problem of feeding their population. People need to wake up. We have taken for granted all of the things that we have had for a along time. Do you think that in 1955 anyone thought that we would have to pay $4 for a loaf of bread of $5 for a gallon of gas? I say you will see $10 for a loaf of bread and $12 for a gallon of fuel within three years.

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