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Harvesting Fog and Farming Changes

March 3, 2012

This post has been edited to add a story about farming changes in Kenya in response to drought issues.

Fog Harvesting:

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Rural communities in Guatemala are using new technologies to wring water out of the air. It is called fog harvesting and it helps to overcome water shortages.

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Farming changes in Kenya:

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We now go to Garbatullah in the county of Isiolo, where food is often scarce, and drought is often harsh, leaving the mostly pastoralist communities without their herds in its wake. However, a change of fortunes in food security there seems to be just as much about a change in the kind of agriculture practiced, and a change in attitude. Nimrod Taabu spent some time with a few farmers that did make that change, and witnessed a model that could change the food security situation in that county.

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  1. March 5, 2012 4:33 pm

    This is a quote out of my entry on March 5th, 2012

    ALJAZEERA – Page: The dilemma for Syria’s neighbours
    Subject: Syria, Israel, Egypt and Arabic Coutries

    (limited to 250 characters only)

    Check the Bible. Isaiah Chapter 19,19 (and further).

    This prophecy will come true due to climate cultivation, starting from the borders of the Suez Canal. The procedure is copied from nature. Per ton of additional rain will cost less than 5 Cent

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