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Europe in Deep Freeze

February 11, 2012

This Posting has been updated with a Title Change and another article about the cold in Europe

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Europe deep freeze reaches North Africa as it claims more than 300 lives

By Nick Squires

Freezing temperatures claimed more victims in Ukraine, Poland, France and   Italy. French authorities on Sunday found the body of a homeless man who had   frozen to death, bringing to at least 306 the number of cold-related deaths   reported across the continent.

Transport was badly disrupted, with people stuck in cars and trains blocked by   snow and ice, amid warnings that the freezing temperatures will continue   into the week.


The cold weather extended as far south as Algeria,   with rare snowfall on several towns and cities. Roads were blocked and   villages in mountainous areas were cut off. At least 16 people were reported   to have died – five of them from carbon monoxide poisoning linked to gas   heating.

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Older Post follows.

Full Article at MSNBC

Heavy snow in Italy cuts off villages, disrupts flights

Heavy snow fell across Italy on Saturday, blanketing the capital Rome, cutting off mountain villages and disrupting roads, railways and airports around the country.

The return within days of the heaviest snowfalls in Rome since the 1980s shut sites such as the Colosseum but gave tourists and residents another chance to see landmarks such as Saint Peter’s Square and the Trevi fountain dusted with snow.


Unusually heavy snow has been falling over much of Italy, causing disruption of train and road transport especially in mountainous regions where emergency services have been struggling to reach isolated villages.


Meanwhile, elsewhere in Europe, the cold snap which began in late January continued. In Serbia Saturday, overnight snowfall hampered operations to reach some 20,000 households in remote villages which have been cut off since the blizzards started over two weeks ago. The country is also suffering electricity shortages, with authorities ordering a public holiday Friday to preserve energy.

Full Article at MSNBC

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