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UN Climate Change Summit Update

December 10, 2011

Yesterday I indicated trouble in the Durban Climate talks with 2 links.  I have updated the status of these talks with the following link.  The previous links remain.  The title of this posting has also changed.

UPDATE-Dec 11, 2011

Nations agree on landmark deal to fight climate change, aid poor countries

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A U.N. climate conference reached a hard-fought agreement early Sunday on a complex and far-reaching program meant to set a new course for the global fight against climate change for the coming decades.

The 194-party conference agreed to start negotiations on a new accord that would put all countries under the same legal regime enforcing commitments to control greenhouse gases. It would take effect by 2020 at the latest.

The deal also set up the bodies that will collect, govern and distribute tens of billions of dollars a year to poor countries to help them adapt to changing climate conditions and to move toward low-carbon economic growth.

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Previous Links

Ministers battle to save UN climate talks

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By Reuters

DURBAN — Ministers fought to save U.N. climate talks from collapse on Saturday, searching to narrow differences between rich and poor nations over how quickly to fight global warming.

Ministerial negotiations in the South African port city of Durban dragged into Saturday afternoon but with many delegates due to head home, there was a strong chance real decisions would be put off until next year.

That would be a major setback for host South Africa and raise the prospect that the Kyoto Protocol, the only global pact that enforces carbon cuts, could expire at the end of next year with no successor treaty in place.

Behind the haggling over technical details, the talks boil down to a tussle between the United States, which wants all polluters to be held to the same legal standard on emissions cuts, and China and India which want to ensure their fast growing economies are not shackled.


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2nd Article

UN climate change summit struggles to secure agreement

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By John Vidal and Fiona Harvey in Durban

Talks to strike a historic new global climate deal were continuing last night, but  it looked increasingly uncertain that the 194 countries would produce a deal in the final few hours.

As exhausted ministers struggled to find language acceptable to all in one of the most complex deals ever attempted by the United Nations, the prospect of a deal that would commit both and rich and poor nations to cut climate emissions see-sawed as countries made dramatic interventions.


Despite the broad backing of more than 120 countries, including major developing economies such as Brazil, South Africa and Argentina, plus the US and Japan, the EU has found it hard to push through its ambitious “roadmap” that would establish an overarching, legal agreement committing all countries to emission cuts.


“Whatever the outcome, it is clear that an agreement struck here will not, on its own, ensure the level of action necessary to stay below two degrees of warming,” said Tim Gore, policy adviser for Oxfam. “Governments must really get to grips with the climate crisis.”

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