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7 Billion on the Planet

October 27, 2011

From CNN

The buzz behind 7 billion people: A milestone and a warning

A Blog posted by Mallory Simon

The U.N. says it believes the world can thrive as it reaches the milestone, but the report also looks at the ways that countries are growing and changing, as well as how they can tackle critical challenges and prepare for the arrival of billions more people this century. Those challenges include empowering young people with economic opportunities; planning for the growth of cities; developing programs to share and sustain the Earth’s resources; and improving education, including sexual education.


Jeffrey D. Sachs, the director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, writing for CNN, says the occasion marks a huge task for us.

“The arrival of the 7 billionth person is cause for profound global concern. It carries a challenge: What will it take to maintain a planet in which each person has a chance for a full, productive and prosperous life, and in which the planet’s resources are sustained for future generations?

“How, in short, can we enjoy ‘sustainable development’ on a very crowded planet?”

That crowded planet may cause some global issues. Those include the health concerns caused by the waste that 7 billion people create, according to a LiveScience report on

From CNN


On Edit- an additional article related to this topic- The six natural resources most drained by our 7 billion people

Water/Oil/Natural Gas/Phosphorus/Coal/Rare Earth Elements

Full Article at

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  1. November 6, 2011 1:08 am

    Young people in need of “sexual education”? I disagree. There’s plenty of sex education around and here we are … at 7 billion.

    People study a manual before they’re licensed to drive a car. They go to school for many years before performing brain surgery on anyone. They practice an instrument for many years before going on stage at Carnegie Hall to perform. People DON’T study about relationship, and that’s why there are so many relationship failures. They simply don’t know what to do. They are without guidance.

    Young people need RELATIONSHIP education so they will learn the place sexuality has in a committed relationship. They would learn not to deny their sexuality, but to realize that their sexuality must be managed, much like managing money or a home. I highly recommend: “Relationship and Higher Purpose”, divinely inspired to Marshall Vian Summers 20+ years ago, which has stunning relevance today in teaching all aspects of relationship and can be found here:

  2. October 28, 2011 9:05 am

    Well, I see “No comments yet” ! Is there a delete-mechanism in order to make sure that I’m the very first? — I wonder why my petition . . .—-not-only-the-hornofafriacapeople/

    . . . did not proceed. I checked it right now. I stopped at 90. It corresponds with the necessities of 10^9 people on Earth. Plenty will starve by droughts, plenty will be drowned by floods. . .
    Have a good day!

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