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Warning: extreme weather ahead

June 15, 2011

From The Guardian

By John Vidal

Drought zones have been declared across much of England and Wales, yet Scotland has just registered its wettest-ever May. The warmest British spring in 100 years followed one of the coldest UK winters in 300 years. June in London has been colder than March. February was warm enough to strip on Snowdon, but last Saturday it snowed there.

Welcome to the climate rollercoaster, or what is being coined the “new normal” of weather. What was, until quite recently, predictable, temperate, mild and equable British weather, guaranteed to be warmish and wettish, ensuring green lawns in August, now sees the seasons reversed and temperature and rainfall records broken almost every year. When Kent receives as much rain (4mm) in May as Timbuktu, Manchester has more sunshine than Marbella, and soils in southern England are drier than those in Egypt, something is happening.

Sober government scientists at the centre for hydrology and ecology are openly using words like “remarkable”, “unprecedented” and “shocking” to describe the recent physical state of Britain this year, but the extremes we are experiencing in 2011 are nothing to the scale of what has been taking place elsewhere recently.

From The Guardian

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2 Comments leave one →
  1. Juergen Friedrich permalink
    August 25, 2011 9:08 am

    Even to change the carbon dioxide footprint and to change climate to the better is easy. At least for those who care for the truth , that a) MUSIC and b) RAIN and c) HUMIDITY are transported by means of one and the same principle, namely by ‘moved air’, either in the micro cosmos of human with_each_other — music needs sound waves in the air — or in the macro cosmos in a larger scale — like thunderstorms & hurricanes. An average hurricane sets free meteorological energy approx the size as 1000 Hiroshima bombs.

    Music and weather are an AIR FORCEs. To combine that properly gives hope.

  2. Bruce Johnston permalink
    June 18, 2011 12:10 am

    This is very intense…and there’s not a whole lot of hedging that the world can do. Local farmers may well be our best bet for food before very long at all.

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