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World Turmoil

May 23, 2011

Although there may be a political undercurrent in this blog post it is useful in summarizing the political unrest that seems to be growing worldwide.

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By James Corbett


In Spain, citizens utilizing internet and social networking technologies have created a mass protest movement that has drawn 10s of thousands to occupy town squares across the country. The protests, known as M-15, have so far sprung up in Madrid, Valencia, Seville, Balbao, Barcelona and numerous other towns.

The protests have been peaceful and not centered along traditional party lines, so corporate controlled media has had difficulty marginalizing the movement as a ragtag collection of youth upset about unemployment.


In the Ukraine, the protests were sparked by poor economic conditions.

In Turkey, ethnic Kurds rioted over the killing of 12 members of the Kurdistan Worker’s Party by Turkish security forces.

In Ireland, Republicans have clashed with police in protest of Queen Elizabeth’s first visit to the Irish Republic. The Queen is the first British monarch to visit the country since it broke away from British subjugation in the Irish struggle for independence.

In the US, hundreds of protestors braved inclement weather to demonstrate outside of JP Morgan’s annual meeting in Columbus, Ohio. Those in attendance were upset over JP Morgan’s illegal foreclosure practices, including instances in which contractors illegally broke into people’s homes to change locks despite the fact that the houses in question were not in foreclosure. Despite engaging in peaceful and lawful demonstrations, several of the attendees were maced by police, including several elderly citizens.

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