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Global systemic crisis: Second half of 2011-US Treasury Bond market

March 25, 2011

This is being published to illustrate the potential for Global instability in our Global Economy.

Economic Predictions are always all over the map- especially these days, but I thought it a good idea to post the link to this one because of it’s discussions around the recent Japan and Middle East issues.  It is not the position of this poster that anyone should jump to any conclusions from this or take this as any economic advice.

Full Article at

Beyond its tragic human consequences (1), the terrible disaster that has just hit Japan weakens the shaky US Treasury Bond market a little more. In the GEAB No. 52, our team had already explained how the sequence of Arab revolutions, this fall of the “petro-dollar” wall (2), would translate during 2011 into the cessation of the massive purchases of US Treasury Bonds by the Gulf States. In this issue, we anticipate that the sudden shock experienced by the Japanese economy will lead not only to the halt in US T-Bond purchases by Japan, but it will force the authorities in Tokyo to make substantial sales of a significant portion of their US Treasury Bond reserves to finance the enormous cost of stabilization, reconstruction and revival of the Japanese economy (3).

Full Article at

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