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System Failures

February 8, 2011

Going to take a little different tack here.  Came across someones blog that talked about System Collapse (recent energy problems in Texas) and how to deal with it- basically they say to either join the Elite or Increase Self-reliance.  This recent energy thing not only hit Texas but it hit New Mexico hard too, with large areas of the state without a natural gas supply at exactly the time people needed it most (record lows recorded all over the state).  There are still areas without gas now-over 6 days later.  It took 3 days to get service to the first set of people affected.  You can search on-line for these stories so I won’t post any specifically.  Our dependency on this energy system has never been so apparent.

The full blog is at

By Simon Black


….I was feeling more than a bit guilty when I called my parents in Texas to check in on them this morning– Texas is suffering horrendous cold weather right now, like much of the US, and my parents were huddled in bed with the dogs trying to stay warm.

Thing is, authorities have initiated rolling blackouts across the state because demand from so many people heating their homes at the same time has proven to be too much for the system to cope with. So now, community by community, they’re shutting the power down for up to 45 minutes, possibly longer if the weather doesn’t improve.

You know the system is in bad shape when you have to import electricity from Mexico in order to keep the lights on… but that’s exactly what’s happening. Mexico’s Federal Electricity Commission is riding in to save the day, transmitting nearly 300 MW across the border so that Texans don’t freeze.


I think it’s definitely time to reduce system dependencies. There are essentially two ways to do this.

First is to become a member of the elite… fast. Jerry Jones, the billionaire owner of the serially disappointing Dallas Cowboys football team, was able to get his shiny new stadium exempted from the rolling blackouts because the 2011 Superbowl will be held there this coming weekend.

Simply put, if you’re a member of the elite (like Jones), you have power and influence with the people who control the system.


More importantly, I think increasing one’s self-reliance is the better answer to reducing dependence on the system– this could mean a lot of things: having a second residence in a more stable place overseas; installing solar paneling; storing extra food and water; diversifying your business infrastructure; planting a garden, etc.

The full blog is at

Preparing for the Great Waves of Change is more than “becoming part of the elite”.  There is really a good list of Recommendations for Living in a Great Waves World at
For Example:

Consider the frail, the elderly and the vulnerable in your local community or neighborhood. Think ahead of how you might be able to help them if that becomes necessary.


Inquire into your local town, city or regional government’s plans and preparations, if any, regarding Great Waves scenarios that are likely to emerge in your area. Provide feedback to your representatives and other local officials.

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