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Severe drought afflicts Brazilian Amazon

October 24, 2010

From the BBC

The Brazilian government has announced $13.5m (£8.6m) in
emergency aid for Amazon regions hit by the worst drought in decades.

The money will fund water pumping and purification, as well as food
deliveries to towns cut off by the drop in river levels.

The Brazilian air force has already flown 500 tonnes of supplies to areas
that usually depend on water transport.

The River Amazon at Manaus has fallen to its lowest level since 1963.

Scientists say the region is facing its worst drought since that year.

In Amazonas state 27 municipalities have declared a state of emergency
because of the dry spell.

Several tributaries of the Amazon have almost completely dried up, paralysing
river transport and the fishing industry.

The rainy season in the region usually begins in November.

From the BBC

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