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Disaster and Emergency AlertMap and Climate Change Monitoring and News

August 17, 2010

This website is a goldmine of information showing via maps and lists natural disaster events, accidents, climate effects- including weather/coral/glaciers/migrations/etc.- that are happening now or in the recent past(years).  I can’t post a copy of  any of the maps to give an example;  you will have to go to the site to see for yoursel f- it might require that you have Google map capability. 

This is from the Emergency and Disaster Information Service – EDIS of Hungary.  Below is the Heading of the master link page giving you an idea of their intent:

“Nothing happens unexpectedly, everything has an indication,
we just have to observe the connections.”

Link to the page through

If you want to go to the climate change specific page:

Link to the page through

From their Introduction page:

Frustrated because a friend or colleague says global warming is the future’s problem?

Compelling new evidence demonstrates that global warming is already under way with consequences that must be faced today as well as tomorrow. The evidence is of two kinds:

  • Fingerprints of global warming are indicators of the global, long-term warming trend observed in the historical record. They include heat waves, sea-level rise, melting glaciers and warming of the poles.
  • Harbingers are events that foreshadow the impacts likely to become more frequent and widespread with continued warming. They include spreading disease, earlier spring arrival, plant and animal range shifts, coral reef bleaching, downpours, and droughts and fires.

The RSOE EDIS Climate Change Monitoring Services is taking steps to bring this evidence to the public’s attention, with the goal of building support for action to reduce the heat-trapping gas emissions that cause global warming. We have developed – and always updated – a world map, viewable online and also available as an Online Maps, that shows where the fingerprints and harbingers of global warming have occurred in recent years. By showing the local consequences of climate change, it brings the message home effectively.

Link to the page through

An example of the list of items from the left hand Climate Map link:

Heavy Storm
2010.05.19 2010.05.19 Asia India State of Andhra Pradesh
2009.09.25 2009.09.25 Asia Turkey Statewide
2009.09.24 2009.09.24 Australia & New Zealand Australia  
2009.09.21 2009.09.21 Asia Myanmar Province of Mandalay
2009.02.08 2009.02.08 Asia Pakistan  
2008.10.20 2008.10.20 Africa Mozambique  
2010.04.27 2010.04.27 Africa Niger  
2008.08.29 2008.08.29 Europe Ireland  
2008.06.11 2008.06.11 Africa Ghana  
2010.03.07 2010.03.07 North-America USA  
2010.02.04 2010.02.04 South-America Peru MultiAreas
2009.11.23 2009.11.23 Indonesia archipelago Philippines Masbate Province
2009.08.28 2009.08.28 North-America USA State of Washington
2009.06.09 2009.06.09 North-America Canada  
2009.01.26 2009.01.26 Africa Liberia Northern states
2008.09.16 2008.09.16 North-America USA State of Alaska
2008.07.12 2008.07.12 Europe France  
2008.04.18 2008.04.18 South-America Bolivia  
2010.07.12 2010.07.12 Asia Russia MultiAreas
2009.08.28 2009.08.28 Asia Nepal  
2009.08.28 2009.08.28 Asia India State of Andhra Pradesh
2009.08.27 2009.08.27 Africa Yemen Statewide
2009.08.23 2009.08.23 Asia China MultiProvinces
2009.07.17 2009.07.17 Asia China Province of Ningxia
2009.06.02 2009.06.02 Middle-East Syria  
2009.03.18 2009.03.18 Middle-East Iran  
2008.08.18 2008.08.18 Europe Spain  
2008.06.16 2008.06.16 Africa Kenya Rift Valley
2008.03.31 2008.03.24 Europe Cyprus  
2008.03.31 2008.03.25 Europe Spain Province of Málaga
2008.03.31 2008.03.28 Africa Kenya  
2008.03.03 2008.03.03 Asia North Korea  
Coral Bleaching
2010.05.30 2010.05.30 Asia Sri Lanka  
2010.05.08 2010.05.08 Asia Thailand  
2010.02.22 2010.02.22 Australia & New Zealand Australia State of Queensland
2009.11.06 2009.11.06 Caribean Area Puerto Rico  
2008.12.27 2008.11.24 Pacific ocean – middle Fiji  
2008.02.21 2007.07.03 Pacific ocean – middle American Samoa  
Glacier Melting
2010.08.16 2010.08.16 Indian Ocean Papua New Guinea Province of Papua
2010.08.07 2010.08.07 Atlantic ocean – north Greenland Nares Strait
2010.08.07 2010.08.07 North-America Canada Province of British Columbia
2010.07.30 2010.07.30 Europe France Alps
2010.07.12 2010.07.12 Europe Greenland Vestgronland
2010.06.14 2010.06.14 Asia Pakistan State of Balochistán
2010.05.19 2010.05.19 Atlantic ocean – north Greenland  
2010.05.10 2010.05.10 Atlantic ocean – north Greenland  

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