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The Rocket Stove

May 29, 2010

I have had this article in the queue for a few weeks and decided to post it today since “Anonymous” has Submitted a News Story on this topic; which includes the Rocket Stove.  Check out The Submit A News Story section of this blog to see.  A significant move by those who use wood as a primary source of energy.

From ProBEC

The Rocket Stove is a wood combusting stove for all kitchens that rely on biomass fuels – from family sized cooking to cooking for big institutions such as orphanages, prisons, tea estates and staff compounds. Due to its special design incorporating an insulated combustion chamber, it burns wood highly efficiently and guards the flame so the user cannot get burnt. The stove is also produced from high quality materials which also contributes to its efficiency – the stove uses far less wood and there is no smoke emission.

Rocket stoves have been rolled out succesfully in Malawi and have been found to use between 50% and 90% less wood than traditional technology. At Lauderdale tea esate in Mulanje, large amounts of nsima (maize porridge) are cooked for tea pickers every day. Oil drums that have been cut in half are used as pots. The switch to using the Rocket stove has reduced their usage of wood per pot of nsima from 170kg to 14kg of wood. Likewise, the introduction of the Rocket stove into Maula prison in Malawi at the end of 2004 minimised wood consumption – it used 12,5% of the wood consumption of the open fire that was used before.

From ProBEC

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