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Map: Biodiversity hotspots

March 2, 2010

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Map: Biodiversity hotspots

Much of the Earth’s species diversity is concentrated into a few relatively small areas. Twenty-five regions have been identified which together cover only 1.4% of the Earth’s land surface but contain nearly half of all plant species and a third of all terrestrial vertebrate species. All are under pressure from human activities.


Atlantic Forest, Brazil

The Atlantic Forest is less well known than the Amazon rainforest but it, too, is a hot-spot for biodiversity.

The forest makes up 13% of Brazil’s territory and is the third largest major vegetation formation in the country after Amazonia and the Cerrado (an area of woodland savannah in north-east Brazil). Many of the species found there are unique. Seventy-two of the 620 bird species are thought to be endemic; 60 of 2,000 reptiles, 253 of 280 amphibians and 160 of 261 mammals.


But the Atlantic Forest, shrinking due to deforestation, is now less than 10% of its original size and many of its species are becoming endangered.

Primates are particularly affected – they represent nine of the 10 critically endangered mammals found in the Atlantic Forest. There is also great concern about the golden lion tamarin, whose numbers in the wild are estimated at around 500

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