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Reader report from the Bahamas

February 5, 2010

An important comment received from a reader in the Bahamas

“I am in The Bahamas. You can see here with your own eyes how the sea is rising. When the seas are rough, seawater is washing directly on to the low lying coastal road in Nassau, bringing sand and seaweed with it. It is only a matter of a short time and/or a storm that will agitate the sea and with this, it will inundate the lower lying areas of the Island(s) with seawater. The only thing that is holding the sea back ( for the moment ) is the coral reef, but eventually even that will not be enough to stop the waves if the force behind them is great enough. There are many people worldwide who live on Islands and/or in low lying coastal areas. These people will have to move to higher ground, and they will have to move soon because it is now too late to hope that a reduction in CO2 emissions will make a difference. The train has already left the station and although we do not know the exact time of arrival we can make an estimate, which is “soon”.”

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